Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogging is not my forte...

I really try to at least post once a week... it's just so hard! Not to mention, when I have been crafty, I have SO much to catch up on!

So the fabric flower adventure has gotten a teensy bit out of hand! Fabric flowers have ended up on everything from my everlasting corsages to jewelry to gift tags.

Blue Everlasting corsage with ribbon wristband

Black and Red Everlasting Corsage with Red satin Wristband
The wristband for this was repurposed from my old High School Military Ball gown. The flower is attached to a button which holds it onto the wristband. The flaower cn be removed and plced in a lapel or where ever else you want!

Twilight inspired collage necklace with gift tin. Tin reads "If I could dream at all, it would be of you..." and the charm on the bottom of the pendant reads "And so, the lion fell in love with the lamb." The satin cord neclace was handmade by me!

The Key to my Soul Brooch with gift tin
Another collaged item, except in broch/ pin form. Charm reads "Soul."

Gift Tags

Gift Tags

I also worked a bit on some more traditional (if you could call my work that, at all) jewelry:

Bella Necklace
Another one inspired by Twilight.

Here, The Vampires Sparkle
Yet another Twilight inspired jewelry piece. ;)

Fallen Leaves
Copper toned brass leaves carefully formed into loops and danlge from copper earwires.
Seed Pods:
Brass seed pods, one closed and one open. Green bead "seed."

And last but certainly not least, sewing. I have done more, but they were just prototypes. This is the only one that I like enought to make more and sell. The fabric was from fabric scraps someone gave me. The lining was from an old jacket that just so happened to match perfectly!
I call it:
Just cause it kinda reminds me of a Ren Fest!

That's it for now... hopefully I won't wait so long to overwhelm you next time!

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  1. OMG!!!!!
    Beatyful things you have made.
    I find it hard to post once a day about my miniatures.
    I often safes the post half written and then a couple of houres later I finnish the post and publish it.