Monday, January 12, 2009

New Years Resolutions, My "First" Etsy Sale, and a few things I am working on...

Well, I am off to a new year with a slightly slow start. I don't normally make resolutions on New Years, but as for my creative side, I do have a few goals to reach for. So, here goes:
1. I will make something everyday.
2. I will not procrastinate. Posting listings in my Etsy shop and posts on my blog will be like eating breakfast.
3. I will donate at least 52 items this year to non-profit orginizations. (I already have a head start on this. In Feb. I will be donating 10 Pixie Clutches already gift-wrapped to Operation Showers of Appreciation. Check it out here:
These are just my goals for the seeling of the stuff I make... my personal list is much longer!

I made my "first" sale on Etsy! Yay!

I use quotes because I used to have a shop a LOOOONG time ago, but it fizzled because I was wrapped up in my son being a baby and I got behind on things.
But Yay! I am so happy. I loved trying out new wrapping and getting that first rush!

I am working on some jewelry right now. Collaged acrylic charm necklaces. They are quite pretty, if I do say so myself! I used quotes and words printed on walnut ink stained paper, antique music pages and text, and reproduction vintage photos. They were all applied to a clear acrylic shape and then varnished SERVERAL times on the back to make it water resistant.

The bottom charm was inspired by the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer. I was sucked into the series just like most other people I know! This charm was the first one I did when I was trying to figure out what worked and what didn't.

The "SOUL" charm did not make it to be a sellable necklace. The edge of it broke when I was trying to put the jumpring in... oops!

Below is the back of the "LIVE" charm. I really like this quote!

Here is the back of the "SOUL" charm and the "A kiss", and "LIVE" charms along with their necklaces. All of them are asymetrical necklaces... I think it adds to the charm and ensures that they will be one of a kind - even I can't exactly reproduce these!

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